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What did you get for Christmas?

Dry PakIt’s only really the die hard Canoe and Kayak enthusiasts who venture out onto the water in December. Maybe if you live somewhere warm it’s different, but in Canada and the US it doesn’t usually happen so much. So what does a Kayaker usually get for Christmas?

I was delighted to receive this DryPak from my brother. It’s a very simple idea, just a waterproof carrying bag that you can put your cell phone, GPS or whatever in. They are actually quite cheap and you can pick them up from places like WalMart for about $14. This a small price to pay to keep your electronic gadgets dry. Take it from somebody who once stepped backwards and fell into a swimming pool with an iphone in their pocket! That was an expensive day.

Although I’m not planning on taking the kayak for a few weeks at the moment I have already found the DryPak a useful thing to have with me whilst skiing. It’s not unknown for me to wipe out in the powder and the last thing you want is a phone full of snow.

On a more personal level I was delighted to receive a lovely Flower Card from my cousin who lives in England. Flower cards are exactly what they say, a card that contains fresh flowers. Mine was from the Modern Moods collection featuring Jersey Flowers, very lovely.

Springtime will be here soon and I can’t wait to get paddling again, but for now I’ll just stay indoors with a cosy fire and some hot coffee. Have a great New Year everybody.

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