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Kayaking with Your iPhone

kayak and iphoneThe iPhone is normally the trend setter for the latest and best apps. It’s probably one of the most useful and widely used items in life today, covering a wide range of areas. This is also true in the outside “adventure” world, and its use can be a great aid to canoeists, kayakers and paddle boardists.

However, because of its great use in this very wet adventure life, extra precaution must be taken with it, as it will be extremely easy for it to be damaged by water. If, in the event your iPhone does get damaged by being submersed in water, refer to this guide by iPhonefixed to give you a quick, concise, guide on what to do, and what not to do with a water damaged iPhone. Also take a look at what Apple themselves have to say, particularly in relation to the liquid indicator built in to the iPhone.

But of course, prevention is better than cure, so you should look for ways to protect your iPhone from being exposed to water. You should also consider other external aspects that could also cause damage to your phone, such as being hit by hard objects, being subjected to rough and wild handling, and from being dropped.

This article will outline some of the things you can get to protect your iPhone, along with a few apps that will enhance your canoeing experiences.

First things first, let’s waterproof and shock proof the phone. Otterboxes are the name brand that comes to mind regarding good, solid, and dependable protective cases. They are durable, offer plenty of padding, and makes damaging the iPhone pretty impossible. However, for an all in one protective and waterproof case, look no further than the Lifeproof case. This case not only comes with scratchproof screen protection, but also is waterproof to 2 metres for up to an hour. It is one of the most expensive cases, but it is by far the best, and worth the investment.

The Griffin Survivor All Terrain is a mid priced protective case that protects the iPhone from a 2 metre drop, and does also provide some water proofing, although full submersion is not guaranteed.

There are other more budget friendly cases out there, but of course, they are not going to be able to provide as much protection as the Lifeproof Fre or Survivor. If you are a serious canoeist, then you should really invest in the best protection you can buy. Or simply leave your phone behind.

In terms of apps, there are plenty. You should already have a good map app on your iPhone that enables you to continually monitor your position via GPS.

Before you even get into your canoe, you should probably know where to launch from. is one of the best sites for canoeists and kayakers alike, and they have their very own app that shows you all launch sites near your location. This invaluable tool enables you to quickly search and plan your trips with ease. Reviewers of the app have given it top ratings, and mention the easiness of the app.

The Paddler is an ezine app, that provides up to date news, stories, and events from around the world. A new edition is published every month, and is a must for every canoeist.

A first aid app is also a good idea to have on your phone. Obviously, it’s pretty important to understand the app, and the information on it before you actually have to use it, but Pocket First Aid and CPR, is an invaluable resource covering basic first aid. It gives you quick guides and info on what to do in a variety of situations, and could ultimately help save a life.

And finally, Kayaking GPS is an essential app to help you to map and identify features on the rivers you explore on.

Once again, the iPhone is an invaluable tool in the world of canoeing. Along with many apps that can help you locate launch points, give you up to date news, help you track your paddles, and also provide information in medical emergencies, the iPhone is second to none. But also ensure that you protect your phone with the best protective and waterproof cases you can buy, to ensure this essential bit of kit stays with you, safe and sound, ready to be used when you need it.

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